Patient Forms

For your convenience, I have provided links below for the forms required for seeking therapy, consultation or coaching with me.

As indicated by the type of service you are seeking with me, please download and print the pertinent forms required for treatment. If you are able, please complete these forms and bring a copy of each to your first session. Doing so just saves a bit of time in our first session. If you can't print these forms for any reason, or wish to talk with me about them in person, I do have copies in my office and Iā€™m happy to answer any questions you may have.

The information in these forms asks questions about you and your family and outlines specifics to my work and related policies. Your understanding of this information and signature will be required before we initiate our work together.

Other forms may be required as we proceed. I will go over any necessary forms with you and provide these below as a reference for you to either print out as necessary, or read on-line.

Additional Forms

The forms below may be requested, based on treatment, or will be provided at time of treatment:

Parental Consent Form

Safety Plan