Hi, my name is Maria Mishkind and I am a licensed clinical social worker. I am a specialist in family therapy and I have over 20 years of experience working with parents, couples, children and extended families. In my practice, I also work with many individuals on personal, professional and various areas of personal coaching.  

Over the years of my work, I have appreciated and enjoyed the privilege of working with diverse and unique families and individuals. One of the areas in my training and personal interest is to offer concrete, solution-focused support to my clients. I believe that creating goals, and actively working towards these goals in a direct, practical way shortens the length of treatment and allows for sustainable change to occur. 

Maria mishkind, LCSW

Maria mishkind, LCSW

That said, I am also very committed to my work and the individual relationships that are created with each of my clients. Once your goals are met, and our treatment ends, I will remain an advocate and a consultant for you at any point that you feel that you need a "booster session" or any type of follow up. 

Another aspect of my work is to help you identify and create a stronger community to support you and your family.  Having a network of support can help transition my therapeutic work back into the community or family systems in which you live. My intent with this approach is to nurture sustainable, long-term change that is ultimately independent of me. This may mean that, with your permission, I consult with or advocate for you at your child's school. I can also collaborate with other medical or clinical professionals in your life or with various other community or family members. I see this as a team approach.

As far as my professional training and personal experience, my most salient position of empathy with my clients is my role as being a mom. I have four children, both adopted and biological.  They range in age from elementary school age to adulthood. This experience, with the inherent trials and tribulations of parenthood, helps me remain a sensitive and non-judgmental therapist. I have been described as "real" by children and parents alike. I take this as the highest compliment.

My educational training began at Wellesley College, where I earned my degree in Psychology and Education as well as a Teaching Credential. I then went on to earn my Master's Degree in Social Work from New York University. Both of these degrees I achieved with academic honors. 

I welcome the opportunity to answer any more questions you may have about me and how I may be able to support any changes you want to see in yourself or your family.

- Maria